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Exercise Plateau? Here’s How to Keep Climbing

Hitting The Exercise Wall If you’ve hit the figurative “fitness wall,” try blasting past it by changing up your workouts, tweaking your schedule, finding an…

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How to Rock a Hard Summer Body

Here’s how to diversify your favorite indoor exercise activities, like treadmill walking and bench presses, with sports specific moves that you can master outside as…

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Sculpt a Fit, Healthy Summer Body

Increase energy, blast calories and refresh a stale routine with our super-easy tone-it-up plan. This summer, liberate yourself! Change your body.  Wake up earlier and…

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8 Walking Benefits

By far, the safest, simplest and most affordable exercise routine found anywhere is power walking, and it’s an art form you can practice every day,…

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Treadmills Go Easy on Your Joints

Ask any fitness expert the quickest and most effective exercise activity that also blasts hundreds of calories per session, and the answer is usually: running.…

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The Inspire Fitness M4 Multi-Gym

Multi-station weight machines built for home exercise have steadily evolved over the last decades. Years ago they were bulky, space-consuming metal monsters with very rigid…

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