Keeping That Workout Motivation Going This Summer

2017 study found that three-quarters of Americans care about staying fit but 41 percent also said they have a hard time getting motivated. Now, tack on warm breezes and outdoor fun and you can imagine how many never get around to exercising during the summer months. What key items can help you stay motivated when the temperatures start rising?


Aaptiv is the subscription service app that takes away all your excuses. It offers you 2,500 audio workout classes for every situation conducted by experienced trainers. Headed to the gym for a little cardio, there’s a class. Looking to workout in the park to enjoy the summer view? Yep, there’s a class for that too. Aaptiv can motivate you whether you are on the road or enjoying a staycation this year.


Fitplan is also going to cost you a few bucks each month but it might be worth it if you are trying to keep those summer abs tone and fit.  What makes Fitplan different?

Fitplan offers the personal touch that you don’t get from other programs, too. With this app, you get three 12-week workout plans based on your goals and a trainer to guide you through them.

Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

Nothing is quite as motivating as real-time data. A smart scale does more than just tell you how much you weigh.  It shows your body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass. You can also expect a local weather update when you step on the scale, so you know whether to head to the gym or to the park.

Users will get an added motivational bonus when the scale connects to the Health Mate app to help track your progress throughout the summer and show you stats that will encourage you to push just a little bit harder with each workout.

Motivation is difficult to come by any time of the year but during the summer there are so many potential distractions. The right combination of tech and programs is just what you need to stay on track.