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Our BodyKore MX1169 Universal Bench – FID is designed to serve multiple purposes at a high-quality level. The bench has 7 backrest settings allowing the user a wide variety of positions ranging from decline, flat, incline to 90 degrees. This versatile feature lets you train your entire body with one piece of equipment and perform a multitude of exercises like curling, dumbbell shoulder press, skull crusher, lunges, etc. This piece is especially superior for building your lower pectoral muscles and upper chest. The MX1169 even has additional accessories that include a leg extension/curl add-on as well as a preacher curl add-on. You can isolate your biceps, hamstrings, knees, and much more with these add on features.

The FID Bench is reliably constructed for an elite look and function. The bench is made with commercial quality steels that are coated in matte black. The wear resistant seats are made with high density foam to provide you with comfort and stability. This equipment is suitable for your most intense and daily workouts. The multi-functional aspects of this equipment also make it an amazing piece to upgrade your home gym with. Additional accessories include a leg extension/curl add-on as well as a preacher curl add-on. Adding this functional piece to your home gym would allow you to achieve multiple movements & exercises.



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