Inspire Smith QuickSelect Commercial Smith Machine



Unlike traditional Smith machines that require a bar and individual weight plates, the Smith QuickSelect machine delivers a safer, more efficient training experience by integrating the Smith Bar directly into two weight stacks, eliminating the need for weight plates and a spotter. The user-friendly pin-select system enables quick weight adjustments, guaranteeing smooth transitions between users and exercises.



Experience the future of strength training featuring a counterbalanced Smith bar that integrates with two 210 lb weight stacks that can be quickly set and released by simply rotating the bar to disengage it from the weight stacks.


With a counterbalanced bar and a maximum weight of over 440 lb, the SQS machine can accommodate a beginner or serious lifter with a variety of exercises.


Quickly set the desired weight and transition easily between exercises via the pin weight plate system. Engage safeties pre-exercise to ensure a safe workout to support a range of movements – squats, bench presses, bench over rows, deadlifts, lunges, pull-ups and more.



Designed with both the facility owner and end-user in mind, the SQS offers the smallest footprint in the industry at over 2ft narrower than a traditional smith machine and eliminates the need for bulky weight horns and extra plate / bar store racks.

Frame 8 Gauge heavy-duty steel, matte black powder coated
Weight Stacks (2) 210 lb. / 95 kg weight stacks, 10 lb. increments
Min Weight on Smith Bar 40 lb. / 18 kg
Max Weight on Smith Bar 440 lb. / 200 kg
Cables 1/8 in steel cable with nylon coating 3/16-inch
Smith Bar Positions (23) Vertical Smith Bar positions at 2“ increments
Dimensions (W X L X H) 41 in x 70 in x 47 in
Weight 980 lbs

Full Commercial: Limited Lifetime Frame & Welds, 1y Cables & Hardware, 5y Pulleys & Bearings

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