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The Octane Fitness Max Trainer is the commercial-use version of the lightweight Bowflex Max Trainer. It is designed to hold up to the heaviest HIIT workouts. It fuels your workouts with no adjustments, quick transitions from zero to all-out, and helps maintain steady-state cardio workouts. Multiple upper body positions for pushing and pulling motions. Simple but motivating display with audio cues for interval workouts. It is a grueling but addictive machine; users of all types love the motion of this unique total-body hybrid climber!

Console option:

  • MAX 14: 14-minute workout
  • High-velocity fan
  • Fan and magnetic brake resistance
  • Quick on and off transitions
  • No adjustments required
  • Instant resistance change
  • 9″ (23cm) stride height
  • Small footprint
  • Intuitive console
  • Calorie burn meter provides extra motivation
  • Ultra-efficient, effective workouts
  • Ideal for circuit training, small group or steady state cardio


Total-Body Benefits: Members want efficient workouts for the maximum ROI – so all muscles must be working hard. With HIIT, the ultra-effective Max Interval workout drives exercisers to burn calories, blast fat and improve conditioning. Plus, a major HIIT benefit is the post-exercise elevated calorie burn that can last for hours after workouts – which helps boosts metabolism and leads to better results and greater retention. And the Max Trainer® machine is ideal for beginners, exercisers who choose steady-state or who prefer moderate intensity workouts as well. Its low-impact format means that users don’t beat up their bodies with repetitive pounding.

Quick Transitions: Exercisers love the Max Trainer® machine because they can just get on and go – without having to punch a bunch of buttons, decipher a complicated console or figure out time-consuming adjustments. The ultimate in efficiency – with no time wasted. This is HIIT at its best, with instant resistance in response to an exerciser’s efforts, and no significant ramp-up time where heart rates can drop and intensity decreases. Its ease of use and immediate responsiveness make the Max Trainer® machine ideal for circuit training, where multiple users push their limits in rapid succession from one station to the next, and every second counts.

Fan Resistance: The beauty of the Max Trainer® machine is in its progressive intensity, provided by wind resistance and a magnetic brake. That means exercisers of different fitness levels can challenge themselves and progress continually for ongoing results. Intensity is entirely controlled by the users’ efforts throughout every workout. The harder a user pushes, the more resistance the machine offers. This responsiveness makes the Max Trainer® machine an ideal machine for HIIT and steady-state cardio – for beginners to athletes.

Ergonomic Handlebars: Multiple hand placement options offer custom comfort to exercisers, along with valuable variety. Fully engaging the upper body on the Max Trainer® machine yields more work for the chest, back, shoulders and arms, and high intensity means that the entire body must work hard. Every muscle matters, and the arms cannot just go along for the ride!

Intuitive Console: For superior motivation, the convenient calorie meter offers instant feedback on calories burned per minute, and encourages exercisers to continually push their pace to accomplish even more. It’s addictive! At a glance, members can track time, floors, pace and total calories, so it’s easy to make instant intensity adjustments as necessary within steady-state or HIIT sessions to meet goals and improve progress.

Resistance type: Dual Resistance (Fan and Magnetic Brake)
Stride height: 9” (23cm)
Stride length: 14” (36cm)
Pedal spacing: 1.8” (4.6cm)
Moving handlebars: Dual Grip
Mobile device placement options: 2

Display type: Transparent LCD
Calorie burn meter: Digital
Resistance levels: 10
Wireless heart rate compatible: Polar®, Ant+
AC plug-in: Optional

Number of programs on console: 6

Max user weight: 400lbs (181Kg)
Footprint (W x L): 30″ x 47″ (76 x 119cm)
Footprint – live area (W x L): 30″ x 51″ (76 x 130cm)
Product weight: 220lbs (98Kg)

Frame: 10 Years
Parts: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year



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