Prism Kiio Fit Wall Gym – Commercial


The perfect complement for resistance training. An infinitely adjustable anchor system that allows simple and secure placement anywhere along the continious track. Precise markings ensure consistency in the assessment and training.


Kiio Wall Gym Kit Includes:

(2 each) 30in Resistance Cables 20lb and 40lb

(2) 60in Resistance Cables 50lb

(1 pair) Triple Grip Handles

(1) Arm/Leg Attachment

(1) Wall Gym

Kiio Wall Gym & Cable Caddy Complete Package Includes:

(2 each) 30in Resistance Cables 10lb-100lb

(2 each) 60in Resistance Cables 10lb-100lb

(2 pairs) Quik Fit Handles

(2 pairs) Exchange Handles

(2 pairs) Triple Grip Handles

(2) Arm/Leg Attachments

(1) Exercise Wall Chart

(1) Wall Gym

(1) Caddy

Supports 250 lbs



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