TuffStuff Evolution VKR / Chin / Dip / Ab Crunch / Push-Up Training Tower



only available in Tennessee

TuffStuff’s Evolution VKR (CCD-347) is also a Chin / Dip / Ab Crunch / Push-up Stand designed to provide a space efficient solution for performing a variety of bodyweight exercises: knee raises, hanging leg raises, chin-ups, dips, push-ups and sit ups.

The dual function support pad can be used for ab crunches (pictured) or serve as VKR back support during leg raise exercises.

  • Space efficient design
  • Target upper body and core muscles
  • Multi-grip pull-up station
  • Dual function support pad for ab crunches and VKR back support
  • High-density cushion upholstered in premium grade naugahyde

Weight load capacity : 400 lb./181 kg

Weight : 175 lbs

Dimensions : L 44 x W 45 x H 84 in

Lifetime Residential Warranty


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Product Type

Home Fitness Equipment


Exercise Tower, Functional Trainer

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