Inner Balance Jin 2.0 SL Track Massage Chair



The Jin 2.0 by Inner Balance is a custom-designed robotic massage chair that will provide you with the fullbody therapeutic massage you need from your head to your toes. The Jin 2.0 will conduct a body scan measuring the length of your spine and then use its quad-headed SL Track massage system to follow the contour of your spine, massaging you from your glutes to your neck and everywhere in between. The Jin 2.0 will utilize three unique widths while massaging you to accommodate narrow or broad shoulder widths while delivering full-body massage with its total body compression therapy system. Your arms will be perfectly held in place using its C+U shaped compression system, preventing your arms from slipping out like other massage chairs, while massaging your arms and stimulating blood flow. The extra-large foot and calf massage system (with foot roller) will expertly and gently massage your foot and calf (of any size legs, slim to large) with ease. And, if you’re taller, the 6-in extendable leg-rest will glide out to provide extra legroom. The Jin 2 fits into your home with its zero-wall system, requiring only two inches of clearance behind the chair, and its Bluetooth speakers let you take your massage experience to the next level by enjoying your favorite music. Once you turn on the therapeutic lumbar heater, you’ll feel a day’s stress and tension melt away and you’ll be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go!

Floating On A Cloud Of Relaxation

The Jin 2.0 by Inner Balance is a custom designed robotic massage chair that will provide you with the full body therapeutic massage you need from your head to your toes.

  • SL track (massage from neck to glutes)
  • Zero wall design (needs only 2 in. clearance behind)
  • Unique U+C armrest (optimizes arm massage)
  • Foot roller
  • Zero gravity
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Lumbar heat
  • Add a minute – time extender
  • Full body compression
  • 6 auto-courses
  • Kneading Foot + Calf Massage

Designed To Fit Users Of All Sizes

  • Able to Fit Large Calves – 7+ inch wide leg massage sections
  • SL Track Massage System – Ensures that the massage robot contours to your body
  • Triple Width Adjustment – Capable of 3 unique widths of executing massage
  • Extendable Legrest – Ensures petite or tall, the Jin 2 will fit your body perfectly

DIMENSIONS L X W X H: 60.25 x 29.5 x 44 inches

ITEM WEIGHT: 246 Pounds

COLOR: Black or Espresso





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