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Service & Equipment Maintenance
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Preventative Maintenance

Investing in a Preventative Maintenance will more than pay for itself by keeping yourequipment working efficiently.


We provide superior service to each of our home and business customers.

Service Requests

We fix all types of residential and commercial exercise equipment in almost any location, including homes, offices, health clubs, and apartment communities. We are authorized by almost EVERY manufacturer in the fitness industry to offer complete warranty coverage.

When we send out the pros, you can expect fast, friendly service and great results! Here’s what you can expect when you service your equipment through Premier Fitness Source:

1. Perform a full diagnostic evaluation

2. Listen to your needs throughout the entire process

3. Provide warranty protection on any repair we perform

We’re Committed To MORE Than Your Satisfaction

FOR HOME: Health is vital. Fitness is a high priority. To stay healthy and fit, consistency is crucial. Having an ‘out of order’ piece of fitness equipment can ruin your workout routine and block you from reaching your goals. Whether you need your fitness equipment for medical reasons, sport-specific training, or just to stay in shape, we’ll get it working for you—fast.

FOR COMMERCIAL: If you have people depending on your equipment for their workouts, down time can mean lost business. We understand that and we will provide speedy resolution. Factory-trained and bonded professionals will respond quickly to ensure that your facility is fully operational with minimal time lost and minimal user annoyance.

Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car, your fitness equipment needs preventative maintenance too!

Why invest in regular maintenance of your equipment?

– Saves you money & frustration by limiting the frequency and the cost of ad-hoc repairs

– Keeps your equipment working smoothly and safely


For residential users, an annual visit is recommended

For commercial facilities we recommend an annual, bi-annual or quarterly maintenance scheduled based on the usage of your gym

Even though your new equipment is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, it still needs regular inspection and maintenance. The best analogy is car maintanence. Even though the vehicle is under warranty, regular service like an oil-change is required to extend the life of your investment. The car dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignment, tune-ups, or other necessary preventative maintenance. Similarly, fitness equipment that has a manufacturer’s warranty also has a suggested periodic service schedule. Some of these adjustments and maintenance processes were performed on the day you received your equipment. Many of them also need to be done at regular intervals thereafter.

That’s OK. Our certified technicians service any manufacturer’s brand of fitness equipment. We are the largest fitness dealer in the region, and we have maintained and repaired all types of equipment. In fact, we are the Manufacturer’s Authorized Service Provider for brands that we don’t sell to our home or business customers. Our service team has seen it all. Their countless years of experience assure that we will keep your current equipment operating to specifications and will repair it efficiently if required.

During a Preventative Maintenance visit, all equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety. The interior and exterior of the equipment will receive a thorough cleansing, lubrication, and adjustment in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, our factory-trained and certified technicians perform diagnostics and troubleshoot any potential problems. During Preventative Maintenance, minor repairs will be treated at no cost. If we discover more substantial repairs, you will not be charged for our technicians to make a return-trip and complete the work. You will only be billed for the length of time our technicians are on site and for the required parts that are out of warranty. Services performed during normal periodic maintenance calls will be billed at our standard rates. After completion of the Preventative Maintenance visit, we conduct a complete Fitness Equipment Preventative Maintenance Checklist—this delineates any repairs we discovered while at your location. In addition, a run-through of this checklist avoids any downtime of the equipment and inevitable frustration from non-working parts.

The optimum frequency is based on a number of factors including the age of the equipment, the type of equipment, the physical environment in which the equipment is located and most importantly the expected usage. For many types of fitness equipment and for related products in heavy use, we recommend a quarterly service. We are happy to discuss your requirements according to your convenience.

Remember that taking care of your fitness equipment will MORE than pay for itself. If you bought your equipment from us, you should receive a Preventative Maintenance proposal at the time of purchase. If you need another copy of the document or if you are a new customer, please contact us by phone at your nearest store or send an email to service@premierfitnesssource.com

Equipment out of shape? We have you covered!
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