Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer



Inspire Fitness FT1 Functional Trainer has a unique design which integrates an olympic bar and weight stacks. The dual pulley system adjusts to 32 positions for unlimited functional training capability. The pull-up bar is adjustable in height to accommodate low ceiling heights.

The Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer also offers a leg extension/leg curl attachment which conveniently hooks up to weight stacks for a smooth, commercial feel. The innovative weight multiplier feature doubles maximum resistance to accommodate heavy lifters.

Accessories: Tricep Rope, 2 x Rubber D Handles, Straight Bar, EZ Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Multi-Function Belt, Sport Handle Exercise Booklet, 2 x 5lb Add-On Weights
Exercise Booklet Options: 2 x 50 lbs, (107.5 lbs max per pulley), Bench, Preacher Curl Attachment, Ab Ba
Features: Dual Independent Weight Stacks, Split Resistance

Dimensions: 54 in x 46 in x 83 in; With Optional Bench: 54 in x 83 in x 82 in

Total Weight: 725

Weight Stack: 2 x 165 lbs (75 kgs) (1:2 ratio for 82.5 lbs per pulley, 85 lbs with 5 lbs Add-On Weights)

Multi-Gyms have a (Residential) Lifetime Limited Warranty


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