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Basement Home Gym

Size: 462 sq ft

When this growing family moved from Atlanta to the northern suburbs, they gained a lot more living space. One reason they were excited to move into their new home was that they could now incorporate a fitness room. Being busy parents and very health and fitness minded, they turned a portion of their basement into a home gym. With Premier Fitness Source’s help, they outfitted their new home fitness center with the perfect equipment to help the entire family achieve their health and fitness goals.
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  • Helix HLT3500-3D Lateral Trainer
  • Inspire CFT Functional Trainer
  • Precor Vitality Leg Press
  • Precor Vitality Dual Lex Extension/Curl
  • Mileage M300 Commercial Bench
  • BODYKORE G231 Saddle Rack
  • TKO 85KBV 5-50lb Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell Set
  • TKO 830uS-A10 5-50 Sig Series Urethane Dumbbell Set
  • Troy KBR-14 2-Tier Kettlebell Rack
  • Troy G-MR Vertical Multi-Storage Rack
  • Tory GOB-60B 5FT Oly Bar with Spring Collars
  • Troy VTX PWB-8, 12 & 16lb Wall Balls
  • Troy Urethan Grip Plates from 2.5lb to 45lb
  • Curb Bar with Spring Collars
  • Prism 65CM Stability Ball Green
  • Prism 75CM Stability Ball Blue

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