exercise routine

7 Steps to SPRING Into Fitness

Yes, I know that’s about as overused as a title can be for an April fitness blog post, but let’s talk about regeneration and renewal…

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Woman working out on a machine and a man in the background using free weights


I’m often asked which form of strength training is better, using free weights or machines. The answer is a very emphatic: “It depends”. I want…

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The Top Ten Reasons Why Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing Strength Training

    If you’re reading this blog, I’d be willing to bet that you have some health and fitness goals. Let’s face it, from the…

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Indoor Cycles: Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Check Out Echelon Fitness

Indoor cycling, the exercise form which brings the “Spin Class” experience home, is incredibly popular. This type of workout, with live as well as recorded…

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How to Burn the MOST Calories!

Here is a list of workout options to help you maximize your weight loss.          Has the inactivity of the pandemic brought on some weight gain?…

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Exercise Hit or Miss? The Better Question is: HIIT or LISS?

HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) have been the favorite buzz word in fitness for several years. There is a myriad of evidence as to…

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