Indoor Cycles: Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Check Out Echelon Fitness

Indoor cycling, the exercise form which brings the “Spin Class” experience home, is incredibly popular. This type of workout, with live as well as recorded classes for biking and other training, is called “Connected Fitness”.

The interactive classes are very motivating and engaging because you see yourself in comparison/competition with everyone else who is now or who has ever taken the class. That motivation means that exercisers in Connected Fitness classes tend to workout harder – burning more calories and receiving a greater cardio-vascular benefit – than would be the case in a traditional workout.

There is one manufacturer of Connected Fitness bikes and programming that seems to show up consistently on the airwaves. If you own a TV, you’ve no doubt seen commercials for the brand Peloton. But “Most Frequent Advertiser” doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best brand for your needs. Let’s compare Peloton with another brand that offers a very similar Connected Fitness experience – Echelon Fitness.

Here are the Top Ten reasons why Echelon Fitness would be a better choice.

  1. Echelon films more live classes per day and has a larger class library. This variety of classes means that you’re more likely to find one that exactly fits your preferences in music style and workout intensity and also less likely to be bored with repetitive classes.
  2. The Echelon EX7s has heavier pedal cranks and pedal shafts. In high-use environments, this is a crucial difference in durability. The Echelon EX5s pedal crank and shaft are more similar to Peloton and fully sufficient for residential users.
  3. All Echelon screens flip 180 degrees for easy viewing during off-bike workouts in front of the bike. The screen on the Peloton commercial bike does not rotate or flip. 
  4. Echelon bikes fit a wider diversity of user sizes because the seat post has a greater range of movement.
  5. Echelon has fore and aft adjustment on handlebars; Peloton is fixed, which is a problem for shorter or taller users. For user safety while riding, it is crucial to get the right fit on the bike. Echelon’s adjustability makes this more likely.
  6. The Echelon flywheel is in the rear of the bike – shielded from the user’s sweat.  Peloton’s is in front…directly under the user’s sweat zone.
  7. Echelon shrouds better protect the bike from sweat; Peloton has more exposed metal surfaces…and is therefore more susceptible to rust.
  8. All Echelon bikes can be used with gym shoes or standard biking shoes. Most Peloton bikes require expensive shoes (sold by Peloton, of course) that only work on their bikes.
  9. One home subscription from Echelon allows up to FIVE users to access all of the available programming on all Echelon products.
  10. Echelon manufactures several types of exercise equipment: Indoor Cycles, Treadmills, Rowers and a mirror-like option called the Reflect that has over 3000 classes in an incredible variety of formats such as Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Strength and Core. One residential subscription allows access to any or all of these exercise modalities located in the home.
  11. BONUS REASON! Echelon Fitness products are priced at or BELOW the levels of Peloton. Echelon saves all those advertising dollars and instead, simply manufactures a better product at the same cost.
  12. What? Another Bonus Reason? Yes! Echelon Fitness products can be tried out in any Premier Fitness Source store. Come in and take a test drive and get perfectly fitted on an Echelon Fitness product by a professional consultant who knows how to help you get the health and fitness results you desire.

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