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Why Choose Echelon Fitness?

The Echelon family of products offers the best of exercise equipment manufacturing reliability and technology as well as an amazing array of connected fitness classes. Use any Echelon product and benefit from motivation, variety, and even personalized training options. Explore thousands of live and on-demand studio fitness classes led by expert trainers to get in …

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How Long Should I Workout?

OK – so you want to “get into better shape”? One of the first mental hurdles to jump over is the amount of time you’ll need to commit to the process. But how long is that? Here’s the definitive answer – IT DEPENDS! I’m sure that wasn’t a satisfying response; so we need to dig …

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Space Efficient Workouts

Yes – You DO Have the Space for Home Fitness Home workouts are “hot” right now since people want to stay in shape but are very rightly concerned about exercising in group settings. Health clubs, corporate fitness centers, apartment community fitness rooms and the like have all been closed or limited in the number of …

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