5 Best Treadmill Workouts to Match Your Fitness Goals

Walking into a gym can be one of the most intimidating views for just about anyone. From free weights and smith machines to medicine balls and ellipticals, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the workout equipment options.

But there is one tool out there that can benefit anyone’s fitness goals: the treadmill.

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve in your health journey, there is a way to use this ever-versatile piece of gym and home fitness equipment. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of treadmill workouts you can try depending on your specific fitness goals. These routines are guaranteed to be effective, whether done alone or as part of your standard exercise regimen.

Weight Loss

As one of the best pieces of fitness equipment for your home, you really can’t go wrong with a treadmill workout for losing weight. But there are a couple of options that stand out for the best results.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

For those who haven’t heard of HIIT, it will quickly become both your best friend and your worst enemy. Here’s an example:

  • Start out at medium speed between 3 – 5 mph with an incline of 5% (five minutes)
  • Raise speed by two mph and lower incline to 2% (three minutes)
  • Raise one more mph to a sprint (one minute)
  • Lower speed by four mph and raise incline to 10% (one minute)
  • Repeat 3 – 4 times


For a fat burning treadmill workout that is easy to follow, keep your incline at zero and simply change the speed. Once every minute, switch from 50% of your max sprint to 70% of your max and finally to your top speed. Rotating like this every minute for between 20 – 25 minutes will keep you engaged and burn a large number of calories.


Cardio training is all about monitoring your heart rate and increasing stamina. This is typically achieved by running longer distances at a slower pace.

Progression Run

You’ll always want to warm up for cardio training with a mild walk or jog for 5 – 10 minutes. From there, set the incline to 1% and start jogging at a speed of 4 mph. Raise the speed by 0.2 mph every minute until you aren’t able to go any faster. You can do this progression up to three times for extra cardio work.

Strength Training

When it comes to building muscle strength, lifting weights will almost always be the most efficient. But if you want to mix in some treadmill time with your strength training, then sprints are the way to go.

Hill Sprints

For this treadmill workout, you’ll need to determine a good starting speed between 5 – 7 mph and set the incline to 15% to begin. Sprint for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Raise the speed by one mph and lower the incline by 3% each round for a total of four of five rounds. Repeat the circuit at least once.

Full-speed ¼ Mile

After you have completed a weightlifting routine, hop on the treadmill and prep for a burst of speed across a quarter mile. Gauge how fast you’ll be able to maintain a sprint over that distance and go for it. You can do this as the last step of a strength training circuit or as a finisher for your entire exercise.

Give These Treadmill Workouts a Try

No matter your fitness goals, whether weight loss or muscle gain, these treadmill workouts will help you reach those milestones. Once you’ve determined the best option for you, hop on a treadmill either at home or your local gym and crank up the speed.

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