Best All-in-One Home Gym Options

Given the realities of Covid and the desire of many to avoid crowded spaces like commercial gyms, there is currently a huge demand for home workouts. At Premier Fitness Source, we are consistently asked about options.

So, what is the best home gym? The easy, but perhaps slightly confusing answer is: It depends.

Before we can recommend the right gym for your needs, we would need you to answer a few questions:

  • What are your fitness goals? Do you want to build muscle, lose weight, improve performance in a particular sport, or perhaps increase stamina and improve overall health?
  • What type of options are most important to you? How much technology or video training is desired for the equipment?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the available space in your home for the equipment?

At Premier Fitness Source, we offer a free consultation from one of our trained professionals, either by phone, or in person. If you call or stop by, this will be a great step toward finding the right gym and providing you with the interactive support you need to meet YOUR personal goals.

1) Starter Set: Here is a great example of a weight starter set that will tone and build muscle. This option is an affordable and space-efficient weight solution. Purchasing a simple multi-position weight bench and a set of adjustable dumbbells (pictured below) will be a good starting point for anyone that is ready to begin getting in shape.

You will be amazed at the tremendous variety of exercises that can be performed with these pieces. Your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, and legs can all be effectively worked out without breaking your budget or filling an entire room with equipment.

2) The Ultimate Single Station All In One Home Gym: Bring home almost every exercise available in a commercial gym with a functional trainer that includes a Smith bar (like the BodyCraft XFT, pictured below)..

The fully adjustable cable columns ensure complete safety during exercise because the resistance is provided by the enclosed weight stack. Set the pulley low for arm curls or upright rows and raise it for tricep press-downs or lat pulls. Use the Smith bar – which moves forward and back as well as up and down – for squats, dead lifts or bench press. The adjustments on this unit are whisper quiet and smooth as glass.

3) Technology and Training: Premier Fitness Source is happy to provide expert consultation to help you pick the right equipment to meet your individual fitness goals. We can also lay out a complete home workout routine for you at no charge. We even have personal trainers available if you want one-on-one coaching in your home.

Many manufacturers include excellent training videos which will guide you through proper positioning and alignment on the equipment, as well as delineating a variety of workout routines. There are also options for in-home interactive personal training that you can access on any smart device you have available. With all of these options, we can make sure that you have the knowledge and motivation you need to help you reach your individual fitness goals.

Contact us today to help you find the right exercise equipment and training for success!