Connected Fitness: Bring home club-quality exercise classes and motivation!

The pandemic has brought radical change to working out. People are realizing that there are huge advantages to avoiding crowded gym spaces and to having the equipment they want in the convenience of their residence. And now, with Connected Fitness, you can get the same motivation and “push” from an instructor as you would in a specialty studio, right at home. There is no longer any need to waste time going to the gym or specialty studio for professional classes in order to reach your health and fitness goals.

Connected fitness has been reinventing the concept of in-home workouts by offering an amazing variety of fitness options. Now you can combine your fitness goals with your screen life. 

Brands such as Echelon, Peloton, Mirror, Inspire Fitness, and Tonal are revolutionizing the fitness world by incorporating streaming technology to take fitness into people’s homes. These companies use smart devices and equipment that deliver training experiences which rival or is perhaps even better than working out in a high-end fitness studio or state-of-the-art gym. And these workouts are not only comparable in quality to those done in fitness facilities, but they are completed in the safe and sanitary conditions of your home. 

Let’s look at the benefits of Connected Fitness

1. You choose the type of class and level of workout that’s perfect for you.

Even in the best fitness class conducted in a studio, there will be different levels of participants. With a connected fitness class, you pick the perfect intensity level, class duration, and type of music you want to listen to while you exercise. There is also a huge variety of class types from to choose from. Options are available in cardio, strength, yoga, stretching, boxing, and more. Total customization means total motivation, which yields maximum effort and therefore maximum results.

2. Save time and hassle while ensuring your health and safety.

Connected Fitness lets you workout at home, on your schedule, with no travel time needed or worries about rushing to catch the next class before it starts. And of course, when you workout at home, you’re in total control of cleanliness and hygiene. 

3. Connected fitness enables an Interactive and engaging experience.

One of the main draws of connected fitness equipment and memberships is that they offer a competitive environment with real-time feedback from a trainer, matching the excitement and engagement of being in an in-person class while working out in the comfort of your home. They are more engaging and interactive compared to the one-sided experience offered by fitness apps, old-school home exercise equipment and wearable fitness devices.

4. Save money with Connected Fitness at home.

When you compare the total cost of working out in a gym or high-end studio, you’ll quickly realize that connected fitness is a real bargain. If your goals include maintaining your health and fitness for the long term (of course they do!) then home Connected Fitness products are a great investment. The initial price for hardware (a bike, treadmill, rower or Reflect) from great manufacturers like Echelon or Inspire Fitness can be as low as $999. With these products you utilize your own smart phone or tablet to access the programming. For a bit more – in the range of $1499 – you can get products with the high-definition screens already built in. One huge advantage is that a single $39/month membership can work on multiple devices and for multiple family members. And exercising at home means there’s zero expense for gas money, vehicle wear and tear or parking. In short, the monetary commitment to home based Connected Fitness is a winner for your pocketbook as well as your waistline!

In Summary

Connected Fitness is revolutionizing the exercise industry. Gyms and boutique fitness studios will always have a place on the fitness landscape, however, given the real concerns regarding public facility workouts generated by the COVID pandemic and the many advantages of home Connected Fitness, they are the best solution for a huge percentage of home exercisers. The combination of safety, affordability and most importantly, tremendous fitness benefit means that these products are unbeatable options. Come into any Premier Fitness Source location and try out Connected Fitness for yourself in a safe, professional environment.