Is the Inspire M4 Right for You?

Everyone has different fitness goals.  This certainly holds true in strength training.  Some people want to slim down and tighten up existing muscle.  Others may want to increase performance in a particular sport.  And some have an interest in increasing muscle size and strength.  No matter which category you fit into, we’ll have the right machine for your needs.  And our Certified consultants will help determine which home gym best fits your goals – while staying within your budget. 

At Premier Fitness Source we have a great variety of new and used home gym models.  Come in to check out our selection and get started toward meeting those goals.  One gym you’ll want to be sure to try is this month’s featured product – The Inspire M4.  Before you stop by, here’s a 10 question checklist that will help you determine if the M4 is the perfect gym for you:

Please place a YES or NO next to each statement. If the YES’s outnumber the NO’s – take the M4 for a complete “test drive” at one of our stores.

1)   _____ I get bored easily while exercising and like to switch things up to avoid staleness

2)   _____ Machines seldom seem to fit me. I want to be sure the workout is comfortable and safe for my joints

3)   _____ I like to use dumbbells because they allow me to move more naturally and use my stabilizing muscles

4)   _____ A high priority for me is strengthening or toning my core area (abdominal/lower back/trunk)

5)   _____ I don’t know what to do. I’d like to have an effective workout set up for me.

6)   _____ I like to use machines because I don’t know how to use free weights with proper form.

7)   _____ I want to be sure that my workout machine offers a full range of motion for each exercise but doesn’t stress my joints while I use it

8)   _____ I want something that will work for several different people who may have different fitness needs

9)   _____ I’d like a machine that offers multiple exercises for each body part so I can switch up my training

10) _____  I’m just trying tone up, get leaner and stronger.