It’s Back to School Time – So Get Back to Your Exercise Program Too

School is starting back up and parents will once again have to shift into school schedule mode. It’s not easy to find time to do that one thing you know you need — exercise.  How can busy moms and dads find time to stay fit? 

Get Moving Early

The simplest answer is to get up before anyone else and workout. Easier said than done, especially if you rely on the local gym. Having your equipment at home is what makes this option practical. 

Install some fitness equipment into that little-used spare room. A treadmill, a stationary bike, an elliptical machine — they are all easy to use and will burn some serious calories. Tack on some stretch bands or free weights and you’ve got everything you need for a complete cardio and strength workout without leaving the house. 

Make the Exercise Fit 

Supplement your home workouts while on the go. If you have to take your daughter to swim class, ask about doing laps while she learns. If you take your son to football practice, take a run in the neighborhood while you wait to pick him up. If your day includes a trip to the park after school, take along equipment like dumbbells or a yoga mat for your personal boot camp. The kids will love watching and laughing. They will also learn that fitness can be fun. 

Make Working Out Your Favorite Hobby

Use your time off from the kids to explore new and exciting hobbies like rock climbing, obstacle course training, Zumba or martial arts. If you find something you are passionate about you will find a way to work it into your schedule. 

Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Multi-task at home

Even on your busiest days, you’re likely finding some time for yourself – watching an episode of your favorite TV series, or the evening news, or maybe reading a couple of chapters from that Book Club assignment. Each of those activities can be combined with a 20-30 minute cardio workout. Point your treadmill toward the TV or use your iPad to read while you bike. The workouts will go by faster and you’ll get healthier while you’re entertained.

Make Mini Workouts Count

Studies show that three 10 minute workouts are just as effective as one 30 minute session. Find 10-minute slots in your day and plug in a short workout for each. At lunchtime for example, you can run in place, take a brisk walk, jump rope, or do a few reps with stretch cords.

Make a Plan B and C 

Look at your schedule each day and make a plan to workout using one of the options above. Then create a backup plan or two from the other choices. If plan A falls apart, you can immediately go to plan B or C if necessary. If you truly value the benefits of fitness – increased energy and stamina, better health, lost weight, disease prevention & more restful sleep – you’ll certainly find a way to incorporate some exercise into your busy day. Good news – finding time for fitness gets really easy once you make a habit of it. 

Visit the Experts

If you are trying to figure out how to add some workout time to your busy day, call or stop in to Premier Fitness Source to get advice from our certified fitness professionals. Our staff will be happy to discuss low or no cost cardio exercises, recommend the latest in motivating and safe equipment or even design a time-efficient fitness program including nutrition and stretching.