Space Efficient Workouts

Yes – You DO Have the Space for Home Fitness

Home workouts are “hot” right now since people want to stay in shape but are very rightly concerned about exercising in group settings.

Health clubs, corporate fitness centers, apartment community fitness rooms and the like have all been closed or limited in the number of exercisers they can accommodate. Some people might think that, since they won’t have access to the wide variety of equipment available in their former fitness center, they can’t get a productive workout at home.

Good news: You CAN get a great home workout in a very limited space!

Here are some options – starting with the lowest cost versions.

1. A small set of dumbbells or kettlebells (pictured) is a minimal investment, takes up almost zero space and can provide excellent cardio and strength/toning benefits. Lunges, squats, curls, triceps extensions, and many more exercises will fill out a routine that gets you into top shape without having to sell your couch to create workout space. There are almost unlimited options for videos and online training (many free of charge!) to coach you through to reaching your fitness goals.

2. The Prism Fitness home fitness package pictured above organizes a stability ball, stretch cords, medicine balls and exercise mats to give you a tremendous variety of exercise options while storing unobtrusively between workouts. Customize your set-up with the medicine balls and stretch cords best suited to your current fitness level to maximize your results.

3. The Water Rower pictured here looks like it would take up a lot of space. And yes, it’s over six feet long when being used. But between workouts it stands safely on its front end and literally takes up 2 square feet of floor space. Plus, it easily rolls into a corner or closet between exercise sessions. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, available in many wood finishes, so you may not even want to get it out of sight. Work almost every muscle in your body through the benefits of rowing while strengthening your cardio-vascular system simultaneously.

4. Pick the Echelon Reflect (above) for the ultimate in space efficient home exercise. Choose from programming in cardio, strength, stretching, boxing, Pilates, yoga and more, as you mirror the training provided live or on demand from a huge library of classes. ZERO floor space used – UNLIMITED fitness options.

Try out any one of these space saving choices (and many more) at any Premier Fitness Source location. Our highly trained consultants will be happy to discuss your fitness needs, your space limitations, and any other concerns you have about getting or staying in shape during these trying times.

Let our experts help you reduce stress, build your immune system, and take care of your body – at home! 

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