Spring into Fitness

Now that the temperatures are warming up and the snow is melting away outdoor workouts are back on the table! If you have gym space that opens to the outside, you can pick up some odds and ends to get yourself or your customers out in the sun. If you run an office, building, or multi-family housing property think about adding some outdoor workout amenities.

Outdoor Fitness Ideas for Home or Your Commercial Gym

The ideal place to create an outdoor gym would be in front of some patio doors, or other doors that open to the outside. You can use tubs, build a shelving unit, or make an overhang to keep your equipment out of the elements.

In addition to your purchased equipment, almost anything on the patio can be handy for different exercises. You can use a tree as a place to do some resistance work. You can also use a bench or a large rock for stretching or as an obstacle.

Something really fun that can be done with some outside gym space is to make an obstacle course. You can draw a map and even time people to make it more fun.

Setting up an Outdoor Obstacle Course

The setup is going to depend on how much room you have. You can make use of things like:

  • Plyo-Boxes
  • Medicine Balls
  • Conditioning Ropes
  • Paralletes
  • Wooden Rings
  • An SPRI Step360 PRO

You can hook up wooden rings, resistance bands, and ropes to vertical standing objects like trees or lamp posts. Then place plyo-boxes with medicine balls to make the jumps extra hard. Another fun idea would be to place exercise balls in a kiddie pool and have people do planks on the ball.

There are so many ways to get creative when it comes to working out outside.

Exercising outside also has additional benefits;

  • Uneven and Challenging Terrain
  • Wind Resistance
  • You Fell More Connected with Nature
  • You can do it with Other People
  • You get the Natural Benefits of Getting Some Sun

Premier Fitness can help you decide how to best set up an outdoor workout space, whether it be at your home, a commercial gym, or other fitness center. Visit Premier Fitness and find fun fitness toys that you can use outside today!