4 Holiday Fitness Tips for Weight Control

Losing weight during the holidays is nearly impossible, so instead, many people choose to focus on weight control. By keeping your weight in check over the holidays, you can start the New Year on the right foot.

Learning how to limit the pumpkin pie and eggnog is important, but physical fitness is a key component of weight control as well. Here are 4 fitness tips so you can stay in shape this holiday season:

1. Workout first thing in the morning

Even if you don’t normally do morning workouts, doing your workout first thing will ensure you fit it in. Start your day off right with a workout, and you’ll be able to control your weight all season long.

It’s even easier when you have home fitness equipment, because you can just wake up, and start sweating!

2. Create a plan for travel

If you are traveling over the holidays, you need to create a workout plan. If you’re staying in a hotel, book one with a gym. If you are staying with friends or family, ask if they have a home gym you could use. Or, look into local options. Many gyms have discounted guest passes.

3. Try HIIT workouts

If you’re short on time, try incorporating HIIT workouts, short for high-intensity-interval-training. HIIT workouts include a period of intense, all-out work, followed by complete rest. These workouts help you get an effective workout in a short timeframe. Try this twenty minute workout:

  • Five-minute warmup
  • 10 rounds of 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest
  • Five-minute cooldown

Home gym equipment is perfect for doing HIIT routines. Bikestreadmills, and ellipticals all make HIIT workouts easy.

4. Stay active

There are a lot of activities over the holidays besides drinking hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies. If you can’t make it to the treadmill, try to incorporate movement into your family time.

Christmas light displays, playing in the snow, and winter hikes are fun activities for the entire family. Even cleaning the house for a party, raking leaves, or shoveling snow all burn calories!

Stay fit this holiday season

New home fitness equipment may be just what you need to control your weight this holiday season. Or consider investing for the New Year, so you can reach all of your 2019 weight loss goals.

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