How to Start Your Fitness Program

Was your New Year’s Resolution to get more fit in 2019, but you don’t know where to start? A new fitness program can seem overwhelming, but if you break it down into simple steps, you’ll be on track to reach all of your 2019 fitness goals.

Make a Plan

The best fitness plan answers the following questions: What, When, Where, and How Long? You need to decide What kind of workout you want to do, When you are going to do it, Where you are going to workout, and for How Long.

For example, you may decide that you are going to run (What), every morning before work (When), at home (Where), for 30 minutes (How Long).

Invest in Equipment

Working out doesn’t have to be expensive, but you may want to invest some money in your fitness plan. That could be a recurring monthly membership to a gym, or you could make a one-time investment in at-home fitness equipment

Either way, you’ll also need proper gym shoes and athletic clothing depending on the type of workout.

Listen and Adjust

A new workout program can be hard, but it shouldn’t be too painful. If you are experiencing sharp pain or discomfort, you need to adjust either the type or duration of the workout. 

Incorporating “active rest” days, where you go for a casual walk or do gentle yoga, can be a good way to maintain your routine while easing up on your body.

Reward Yourself

A reward system can help you stay on track with your fitness program. Set up milestones, like losing 5 pounds or working out 10 days in a row, and rewards for when you meet them. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, use non-food rewards, such as a movie night or a manicure. 

Make 2019 Your Fittest Year Yet!

You still have time to start your New Year off right with a new fitness program. And at Premier Fitness Source, we have the equipment and expertise to make sure you have the right at-home gym equipment to help you succeed. Come to a showroom today to see how home fitness equipment can change the way you workout!